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Attend our Innovation Showcase

Patrick Barry, CEO of BluBØX and a visionary in security technology, will be hosting these presentations throughout the event. Join us to gain insights into our newest offerings and see them in action.


In the ever-evolving realm of technology, every industry has its story of progression, marked by distinct technological cycles.

The security sector, central to our digital age, is no exception. Having navigated through four significant evolutionary phases, we now stand at the dawn of a new era: Security 5.0. Learn more below on some of these Security 5.0 capabilities we’ll be unveiling that will reshape the security landscape for years to come.

Data Lake and AI Oracles with a Natural Language Interface

Effortless insights and universal communication at your command

• BluSKY's Data Lake, Champlain is a dynamic repository that captures, enhances, and retrieves building and security data through manual entries and automated feeds. Utilizing AI to transform raw data into actionable intelligence, it offers unparalleled access to insights on occupancy, security, and operations, ensuring informed decisions and enhanced operational efficiency.
• AI Oracles: BluB0X Oracles transforms interaction with your security system through a no-UI approach, enabling intuitive text, voice, or conversational commands in any language.

Enhanced Data Analysis Capabilities
Real-time Insights
Improved User Experience
Operational Efficiency
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The All-in-One AI Controller for Integrated Access Control + Video + Video Analytics

A single powerful IoT device

Powered by NVIDIA, our AI Controller goes beyond limits, combining a Controller, NVR, Analytics, Alarm/Intrusion, Intercom, Two Button Elevator, Destination Dispatch Elevator, Visitor Management, Power Management, and AI into one advanced IoT device.


Smarter, faster, and more interactive

Our latest models have undergone significant enhancements, including a sharper display, better frame rate for precise image capture, AI-driven features like on-the-fly training, unauthorized credential sharing detection, and include Talking Integrated LLM for enhanced voice communication and interaction, all powered by NVIDIA’s latest hardware.

Enhanced security
Smart User Recognition
Versatile credential support
Powered by cutting-edge hardware
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New BluSKY EAO UI and Universal Device Control

One Interface, total control, everywhere

• The EAO (Everything, Everywhere, All at Once) offers a unified interface designed to manage various system modules, streamlining operations and user interactions. It simplifies the user experience by consolidating all system interactions into a single, user-friendly interface.
• The Universal Device Controller (UDC) is an all-in-one control interface that centralizes the management of various security devices, significantly simplifying system operations.

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See what BluBØX can do for you

Empower your security: Discover the ultimate peace of mind with state-of-the-art, AI-driven security solutions. Tailored for the dynamic challenges of today's world, our innovative technology guarantees unmatched safety and reliability. Secure your future with BluBØX and stay ahead in an evolving landscape.

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